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Before I was a Stamper/ Scrap Booker/ Card Maker. I was a Photographer my Dad who was an Amatuer Photographer, started me out with my first (Red Konika Tomato) point and shoot at 13, then I got my first Film SLR, a Canon EOS Rebel, in college, and my first DSLR , a Canon EOS Rebel XT Digital, in 2005, now I have excitedly moved up to a Canon 60D!!! I am Starting P365 on 9/1/11 at least 1 Photo taken/uploaded everyday for 365 days, and I am so ready for the Journey to expand my abilities with my Camera, Photoshop, and my Photography!!! Heather and Marvin together makes Heavin (ly) and Photography or Snapping Creations = Snapations So like my Stamping / Scrap Booking Blog Heather's Heavinly Stampations, my Photography / Project 365 Blog will be: Heather's Heavinly Snapations :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Project 365: Week #2 Sept. 9th - Sept.15th 2011. Some Successes, and some Big Bom's too! :)

P365 Day #9 - Friday September 9th, 2011

 On Friday September 9th we had Meadow's 1 year Well Baby Check up.  She had not had a check up since 6 months.  Her Dr. had said to bring her in at 9 months because he told us to skip the 4 month check up and shots because it was in the middle of winter and he does not want any babies coming in for Well Baby Check Up's during Cold and Flu Season and coming Healthy then leaving Sick.  So anyway we skipped the 4 month appt. so we were behind on shots.  Dr. Lane does not usually do a 9 month appt. if they are healthy and up to date on their shots.  So because I was not used to the 9 month appt. I forgot to schedule her 9 month appt. until she was 10 months old and by then it would be 6 weeks before they could get her in for a Well Baby Check up so she would be 11.5 months old.  In the end I just decided to wait the 2 more weeks and do a 12 month Well Baby Check instead of a 9 month appt. at 11.5 months then in a few weeks the 12 month appt.

So on Friday September 9th we headed up to the Clinic at 10:30am for Meadow's 12 Mon. Well Baby check up.  The day before we were at the Clinic for Tucker's 4 year check up so that he could get his physical form filled out for Pre-School, or he would not be able to go back.  Dr. Lane was on call on Thursday so we waited in the waiting room almost 2 hours for Tucker's 11:15am 4 year Well Child check up.  we were beat by the time we got out of there so to come back the next day we crossed our fingers that we would get called back fast and see the Dr. soon so we did not end up spending 3 hours at the Clinic for a 20 minute appt.

We waited about 45 minutes which still seamed longer but it was better then the day before!!! :)

Meadow had to have 3 shots at her Appt. and that made her very Sad!! The pictures below show how she felt after we got home and her little legs started hurting from the shots.  

She weighed in at 17.5 lbs, and was 26.5" long, and that made her 5% on the growth chart for weight, and 25% on the growth chart for height, but because she is so even n proportions her Height to Weight Ratio is 60% making her our Chunky Monkey!! :)

 My Legs HURT Mommy I think I might start crying soon!!!
 O.K. yep they hurt every time I try to crawl.  Can you take these tight Jean's off so my legs don't hurt so much??
 Aaahh that is a little better, but it still hurts some down here.  Wait what are these round Green things???  I think I like them! :)
 OH NO!!!!!   OWEY that still hurts when I touch them even with my Jeans off!!  Wait I think the Motrin kicked in now I feel good enough to crawl off while you are in the Kitchen getting lunch around I think maybe making a Mess would be a fun thing to make me feel better......  What do you think??  Yep I am sure a Mess would hit the spot right now!! :)
 WOW look at all this folded Laundry from our trip to Colorado the other day.  Lets see what happens when I unfold them and chuck them behind me.  Notice the motion of the clothes being thrown behind me???  Slow Shutter Speeds catch Motion pretty good hungh Mommy??
 Yeppers throwing, and throwing, and throwing!!!  Look at this Great BIG Mess it sure was fun to make!!!  I LOVE helping you with Laundry Mommy!!! :)
 Now see my Happy Face here????  That means I feel so much better now.  Not sure if it was the Motrin or the making of the Mess that did it but I feel SO SO SO much better now :)
P365 Day #10 - Saturday Sept. 10th 

 On Saturday September 10th Piper was down stairs and kept running up to get things for "The Picture" she kept saying we had lots of company at the Moment who were all here for the State Fair.  Marvin's Older brother Marion, his wife Melanie, and their 4 kids: Abigail 7 yrs, Nathan 5 3/4 yrs, Jonny 3.5 yrs, and Ethan 1.5 yrs. were all here to stay with us for a few days, and Marvin and Marion's Cousin Shiela and her Husband Dwayne where here and they brought a little girl from their 4H group who was a few years older than Piper and Willow and they were down stairs setting up a Sports Picture.  Piper had gathered all of her UpWard Sports Cheerleading stuff all of her Pom Pom's and all of her 4H ribbons to make it look like awards she said.

I thought she was being pretty creative when I went down stairs and saw what they were getting ready for.  Especially since she has never taken sport pictures before I still wonder how she thought to make this perfect "Sports" Equipment and Award Prop Area??? :)
P365 Day #11 - Sunday Sept. 11th
 On Saturday Sept. 10th Marvin's Older Brother Marion and His Wife and 4 kids came down to stay with us for 2 days so they could go to the State Fair, and Melanie could go check out Yoder our Mennonite and Amish Community to the South East of Hutchinson.  Nathan had won the Pedal Tractor Pull in his age group at their County Fair so he was eligible to participate in the State Fair Tractor Pull in his age group.  If every kid that qualified came it could be over 1,000 kids because each County has 5 age groups and there is a Boy and a Girl category in each age group.  As far as we could tell I bet over 500 - 600 kids showed up to Participate that day.

Later that Night we sent Marion and Melanie off on  a Date Night to the Kansas State Fair and we watched the 8 kido's.  It was a very very interesting night.  Let's just say after the happenings of the night Tucker was convinced his "FAVORITE" arm was broken and it was going to fall off so that he would have to get a new one!!  Also Abi was playing Tarzan and we ended up bandaging her hand up, and I used my last tube of Surgical Glue to "Fix" her Ear!!!!   

The pictures below were taken after the Arm incident, and before the Ear accident.

Abi and her 3 Brothers, and Tucker and his 3 Sisters.  Too bad we can't trade our youngest kido's then Abi would finally have that Sister, and Tucker could have a Brother to play with too!!! :)
 Left to Right: Abigail 7yrs, Tucker 4yrs, Piper yrs and Meadow 1 yr., Nathan 5 yrs, Jonny 3 yrs, and Willow 7 yrs.  Out of 12 Grandkids between Marvin and his 2 Brothers there are only two really close in age and that is Willow on far rt. and Abi on far lt.  They are just 6 weeks apart all the rest are 6 to 7 months apart up to 10 months, 11 months, and the longest is 18 months.  We joke that Marianne has had a Daughter in Law either Pregnant or Nursing or all 3 of us in some stage of Pregnancy and Nursing for pretty much the last 7 plus years!!! :)
 Below:  Nathan 5, Jonny 3, and Tucker 4 all taking much needed baths after a hard couple hours playing outside :)

P365 Day #12 - Monday Sept. 12th
On Monday Morning we got the girls off to school, and while Uncle Marion and Aunt Melanie packed up all their stuff so they could leave right from the fair to head back home to the farm Tucker, Nathan, and Jonny all played outside on Tucker's vehicles he plays with all the time.  One of the boys came up with this GREAT idea to pull up to then on top of one of our underground sprinklers and while they were on top of the very strong stream of water coming out of the sprinkler.  They called this game Car Wash.  Now while Nathan and Jonny had already gotten dressed for the day because they were leaving early that morning to head back to the State Fair as a family, Tucker was still in his PJ's and they were mis-matched PJ's to boot, but that is what he choose himself to put on the night before as he was getting ready for bed.  So These pictures were all taken around 7:40am  after both of the girls School Bus's came to take them off to school,in our front and side yard.

I LOVED how this pictures of Tucker and his Tricycle and the Sprinkler / Car Wash is sending drops of water all over him and in the air too!  Please forgive the mis-matched PJ's :)

Cousin Jonny on the Tractor and wagon, Cousin Nathan Jonny's older brother on the Green Kowasahki, and Tucker on the Red Tryke.
Here are all 3 boys laying down watching some PBS learning shows on TV.  Jonny and Nathan do not have TV at their house so this was a special treat for them, making it even more cool!!!
3 Boy Cousins together Tucker 4 yrs, Nathan (red hair) 5 1/2 yrs, and Jonny 3 1/2 years.
Please forgive the clutter in the living room it is not normal for me to have the High Chair, the Bumbo Chair, the Baby Walker, The Baby Swing, and The Rocking Air Plane in the living room by the one toy bin to clutter up the whole living room :)  So my living room does not normally look like this!!!!  - Wait what am I saying???  With 4 kids, 2 dogs, 3 fish, and 1 4H Bunny rabbit, my living room can go from looking clean and fresh to looking like a tornado just blew through the room in negative 0.5 seconds flat.  I think a good portion of my day is spent picking up the living room several times a day!!!

P365 Day #13 - Tuesday, Sept. 13th
Attempting to take Night Shots at the State Fair yeilded some Cool Success's and some  Bombing Failures.  I really was wishing I had more than 10 minutes to quickly get some shots in Manual Mode, it would have been so cool if I could have gone back another night with my Tri-Pod and really gotten some Amazing Shots all in Manual.  So These first Few pictures are my Bombing Failures, and below them are the ones I feel turned out pretty COOL, to at least Passible!!! :)

The Bomb's:
This was the very first picture I took that night playing around with setting the shutter speed, Apeture, and ISO settings.  Since it was so so so bad I new I had to let way less light into my pictures so I changed the settings again and I came up with the pictures below I loved so much!! :)

 And the Cool pics to at least Passing Pics!! :)

 Tucker and Willow driving the sparkly green car from this ride.

 And below are the pictures I was proud of getting because I was using all manual settings to slow down my Shutter Speed so I could show the movement of the ride in a single picture.  I was so excited how the next 3 pics turned out!! :)

 The next two are not great I was going for all the different colored lights of everything and showing the motion of all the rides, but in the end all I got was lit up landscape all in 1 color yellow mostly :)  Better luck next time!!

a few other Ferris Wheel at Night pics not all from our State Fair this year.

P365 Day #14 - Wednesday, Sept. 14th
There was a STORM brewing on Wednesday afternoon and evening and I was able to catch a lot of it on my Canon 60D.  The 3rd picture of the Lightning storm is my favorite I think!!  That was a right place right time picture for sure! :)

P365 Day #15 - Thursday, Sept. 15th
So I have been asking my Husband for 6 years to build me a clothes line My next door neighbor uses her's all the time.   Our house is rather large, but not many places to try to dry Landry on, and I don't have a Laundry room just a little Laundry cove so I would love to have a place to hang out Laundry.  I air dry most of my shirts, and a ton of the kids clothes to keep them looking newere and nice.  It makes a BIG difference drying in a dryer as opposed to drying on a line or layed out all over my house!!

The Day before we went to Colorado I put all my shirts and clothes out on the line hoping to get them all dry sooner rather than later so I could pack them up to leave on our trip.  I have started using our Swing Set/ attached to the Kids Fort Marvin built for them last summer.  So here is what my clothes line looks like LOL tooooooo funny! :)

So there you go one more week of my Project 365 pictures.  Now tomorrow it will be time to start editing and then posting week 3 of P365 that I just finished taking pictures of on Friday.

This project is really enjoyable and it is helping to learn lots of new tips and tricks on my editing program and my new camera!!

Till Next Time, Have a Phototastic Day!!


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1. Poor Meadow!! Shots are never fun!

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