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Before I was a Stamper/ Scrap Booker/ Card Maker. I was a Photographer my Dad who was an Amatuer Photographer, started me out with my first (Red Konika Tomato) point and shoot at 13, then I got my first Film SLR, a Canon EOS Rebel, in college, and my first DSLR , a Canon EOS Rebel XT Digital, in 2005, now I have excitedly moved up to a Canon 60D!!! I am Starting P365 on 9/1/11 at least 1 Photo taken/uploaded everyday for 365 days, and I am so ready for the Journey to expand my abilities with my Camera, Photoshop, and my Photography!!! Heather and Marvin together makes Heavin (ly) and Photography or Snapping Creations = Snapations So like my Stamping / Scrap Booking Blog Heather's Heavinly Stampations, my Photography / Project 365 Blog will be: Heather's Heavinly Snapations :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Time to Catch up on some 365 Photo Posts :)!!!! Week # 8 Friday October 21st to Thursday October 27th

Project 365 Pictures for the week of
Friday Oct. 21st to Thursday Oct. 27th

Well I have been taking pictures and learning so much about Photography and Editing and so many things, as I work on my Project 365 and share my photo's with the other girls and GUY in our 365 Chicks Photography group.  I am behind on posting them so I am going to start from right now and work my way back to the 2nd week of September where I left off at with my posting pictures.

As many years as I have been using a SLR camera I am amazed at the amount of knowledge there is needed to learn still, especially if you goal is to become proficient in Manuel Photography this year while doing my 365 Project!   The things I am the most excited about this week are 1.) Learning how to make Watermarks for my Photo's in Photoshop, it was so much fun once I got started that I have made them for myself, and 3 Photog friends Tasha, Jess, and Tonya already I could sit and make them all day if I had the time!!!  and 2.)  Learning how to use my 50mm Lens and get Bokeh (Depth of Field) shots I am proud of that big of skill I added this week!!!

 So Here we go these pictures are from week #8 of my 365 Project.

 Friday October 21st 2011

 Baby Meadow is FINALLY starting to really grow her hair in.  Right now it is SO SO Curly!!  These pictures were taken right after her Bath that evening.  I think her curls are just so Pretty and Perfect!!!

Saturday Oct. 22, 2011

 Here in Kansas we have wonderful Barns and Buildings all over the State I would love to stop and take pictures of so many of them this is one of my favorites!!!  These pictures are edited using Pioneer Woman's Actions which changed their color to a softer color set on top, and a Vintage color set on bottom.

Sunday Oct. 23, 2011

We have said from the day she was Born that Meadow is Willow's Twin Sister 6 years apart in age.  They look exactly alike.  here is a collage picture of both girls at their 1st Birthday Parties.  Willow is on the right and Meadow is on the left.

Willow has been in love with Meadow from the very beginning she is always playing with her or carting her around ever since day one she just loves her Baby Sissy so VERY MUCH!!!  Meadow started saying her name this week and now whenever Willow is in the room with her if she is paying attention to anything but Meadow she starts saying Wiiii  Wooooooo.  It is just way to cute.  Meadow ADORES her big Sissy so much it is just precious to see!!!

Monday Oct. 24, 2011

Earlier this month I got a 50mm Lens also known as "The Nifty Fifty" by many.  I was given it as a gift and I am totally Loving it!!!  Here is a picture of one of my first attempts at playing with my Nifty Fifty Lens :)

This is a Fall Dandelion - This picture is also my very first attempt at editing pics in Adobe Lightroom.  I am in LOVE with Lightroom now!! :)

Tuesday Oct. 25, 2011

This Great Car was sitting in a Field all by itself I took the picture and shared it on my Photography Group and I told them it reminded me of the Movie Cars.  They quickly informed me that it is painted after Sheriff a Car in the movie!  Learn something new everyday!!

Wednesday Oct. 26, 2011

Our Trees are just now starting to change colors I headed out the other day to try to achieve that sought after Bokeh you get when you are shooting in Manuel or with a 50mm.

Bokeh means that your subject or center of your shot is in focus and your background or picture edges are blurred out.  I was so excited how these next two pictures turned out!  I was laying Flat on my back on the ground in the grass to get these shots up in the tree.

 This next shot was of a specific spot in our tree the whole rest of the tree is still green, but this one tiny spot in the entire tree was already turned into the gorgeous reds and oranges.  I really enjoyed working at getting the perfect shot of this one part of the tree.

Thursday Oct. 27, 2011

I just thought this Window I saw while out one day looked really really cool with all the Antique Soda Pop bottles.  I also love that they are many different Brands and kinds of Pop Bottles.  I also loved the wood around the window and that great Country Curtain hanging on the window below the great Soda Pop Bottles! :)

Well that is it for this weeks photo's.   I have ton's more to catch up on posting and I can't wait to edit the pictures from Tucker's Pre-School Halloween/ Fall Dress up parade on Thursday morning those little pre-schoolers were so so adorable.  Tucker is Captain Hook for Halloween this year!

Have a Snapendous Day!


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