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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Story and Pictures of our Kids "Schlatter County Fair"??? The Did it ALL on their own.:)

The Schlatter County Fair???

Last Friday Evening the kids and Grace (Next Door Neighbor/Girls Best friend) were outside playing and they kept coming in "grabbing supplies" we knew they were up to something but they did not want us to come outside so we let them plan and do whatever it was that they were "up to"  

After an hour and a half or so they came back inside and gave us "Fast Passes" (for those of you who are not familiar with fast passes they are the passes you can get at Disney World and Disney Land allowing you to avoid the LONG lines at the most popular rides and walk right on through past all the lines to use your Fast Pass and hop right on.  You can get them by going and inserting your Disney Tickets in the Fast Pass machines and it spits you out tickets with certain times in the next 40 minutes to several hours later depending on the rides amount of fast passes already given out for the day then you just come back at that time and you walk right on the ride.         

So the kids Handed us "Fast Passes" and Tickets to "The Schlatter County Fair"  They planned, designed and executed the Fair all by themselves as the pictures below will show you.  It was a FUN evening at the Fair I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed our Evening away at the Fair!!!! :)

 Hello Mr. Ticket Man!!!
 This was taped on the Outside of the Garage letting us know where to get our tickets!
 COME and GET your TICKETS!!!
 Like every good Fair there was a Food Court
 Um with some interesting Snack Choices of um.....Food??
 And of Course there was Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
 (Watter with Lemon Juice in it :)

 They even thought to make a spot for the Fair Attenders to be able to sit and get out of the sun in the shade!!

 The Ball Toss Booth Tucker and Daddy spent most of their time here.

 The Frisbee Throwing Station
 The Weighing Booth
Need a Break grab a book and chill out for a moment or two.
 Feel/Pretend/use your imagination and guess that GOO Station.

 It wouldn't be a real Fair without the Bean bag Toss Booth.

 The Notes marked the spots where kid and then adults could stand for the Bean Bag Toss.

 And the Wild Rides there were (Stroller Rides that is :)
 If you were not up for a Stroller Ride there was the Wagon Ride station with BIG BAD animals inside the ride with you to add a little thrill!!
Below The BIG BAD animals on the ride (Stuffed Animals that is!!!)
 A play and rest area for little kids
 The Petting Zoo Area.
 Meadow petting one of the Bunnies in the Petting Zoo.
 Petting the Bunny and Watching Daddy and Tucker do the Ball Toss Booth.
 UT Ohhh Come BACK Bunny!!!
 O.K. PLEASE... PLEASE come back!!
 The Bunny won't come back!!
 Awww my Little heart is broken that my bunny is NOT coming back!!!!!

More Ball Toss

 Tucker and Daddy did not notice but Meadow was watching and putting her tiny little Baby hands in the air to try to catch the Ball too.  It was precious to see I am glad I noticed it!!

 Come on Over here, over here I am ready throw it to meeeeeeeeeeeee

 Designing and Snazzing up the Puppet Show Booth 
This is our 18 Cage Rabbit Transfer Cages on a Wagon thing we just go the kids love it and have had hours and hours of fun pretending it is lots of different things at least half of the cages have treasures or pretend things the kids have filled it with!! :)
Grace in the gray shirt Willow in Pink.
 Ticket Booth from behind

 Still Decorating the Puppet Show "Stage"
 Tucker decided while the girls were getting the Puppet Show together he would take Meadow on some rides.  I LOVE these pictures of him "Taking Care of his Baby sister they are so cute - at least to their Mommy they are cute!!"

 Look Meadow there are some Puppies walking down the street!!
 This one below where Meadow is reaching out and pointing with her Big Brother is so sweet
 Off for a Ride

 Look out Meadow this is the Wild and Crazy Part of this Ride!!!!

 Here is a series of pics of him spinning her in circles until he got dizzy I won't add them all because I already have a ton on here :)  If you look at his feet you can tell he was running in circles!
 Love this one of them.
Time for a Snack Break.
 Look out there is a wrecked "Go Cart" LOL!!
 More Bean Bag Toss!!
 Giving Fair Goers tours of the Neighborhood :)
 Tucker on the "Go Carts" :)
Snack time over now time for some Wagon Ride fun!

 Time to Chill out and watch the Puppet show from this here wagon.
 Watching the Puppet show and enjoying another Snack

 Love those little Tootsies of hers
 A picture of my Fast Pass Ticket
 Piper announcing the Puppet show and the Narrative Story we were about to see.
 The Puppet show begins. Bamboo Decorations and everything!!
 Tucker running in to jump in and do His Part in the puppet show.
Tearing down the Puppet Show Stage.
 Tucker on top of the Truck calling out to everyone to gather around.
 THANK YOU to all those who attended "The Schlatter County Fair" We plan to have the fair every Friday evening for the summer and we plan to have TONS of new attractions and ideas to share COME BACK Soon!!!
 What a Fun evening it was as The Schlatter county Fair!!!