My Photographic History

Before I was a Stamper/ Scrap Booker/ Card Maker. I was a Photographer my Dad who was an Amatuer Photographer, started me out with my first (Red Konika Tomato) point and shoot at 13, then I got my first Film SLR, a Canon EOS Rebel, in college, and my first DSLR , a Canon EOS Rebel XT Digital, in 2005, now I have excitedly moved up to a Canon 60D!!! I am Starting P365 on 9/1/11 at least 1 Photo taken/uploaded everyday for 365 days, and I am so ready for the Journey to expand my abilities with my Camera, Photoshop, and my Photography!!! Heather and Marvin together makes Heavin (ly) and Photography or Snapping Creations = Snapations So like my Stamping / Scrap Booking Blog Heather's Heavinly Stampations, my Photography / Project 365 Blog will be: Heather's Heavinly Snapations :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Story of - My 365 Journey, gains, losses, learning, and all around LOVES!!!

My 365 Journey

When I started this 365 project last Fall I planned to take at least 1 picture a day which I already do almost all of the time anyway, not to hard right??

Then it morphed into something even better than taking 1 picture a day it morphed into not just knowing a working level of photography but REALLY learning so much more than that.   It turned from sitting and OOOing and AWWing at a Particular Photographer's web site at his absolutely HEAVINLY Disney Pictures with such amazing lighting and composition and wondering if we would EVER be able to accomplish what he had done in just months from picking up his 1st DSLR Camera with no knowledge. . . . .  in a few short months he went from Start to Amazing!   (In our Defence he is a young Lawyer just a couple of years out of school and married but no kids) (My friend and I) each have 4 kids, multiple animals and many other distractions that take up all of our time, quite fast, and very fiercely!!!

Neither of us were new to photography we had both used SLR Camera's then DSLR cameras for many years in my case 13 years before that.  I had shot weddings, I had done Family Pictures, I had done New Born Shoots et. . . . . . .  but most of all I had logged thousands and thousands of pictures of my everyday life.  But I wanted MORE!!!!  I also had a Dear Friend that wanted MORE too so we set out together!  Although at the time we maybe did not know quite what we were setting out on. . . . . . .

So it all began on this Young Photographer's Disney Photography Web-site.  My friend and I sat for hours and hours looking at his pictures and we tried to figure out quite how he got those Amazing Pictures.  WE LAUGHED our heads off when we read that he spent 12 hours (TWELVE HOURS) researching a Neutral Density Filter to know which one to buy!!!   Yeah let me tell you my Friend and I have spent many more than 12 hours (YES MANY, Many MORE than 12 hours) researching so many things!  Too many to count as we have learned so much in the last 8 months or so!!!!

However what has become our Tradition on our "RESEARCH" Projects is neither of us is usually free to work on our "research" until after all the kids are down and we can finally breath which is often after 11pm so our hours of research never started until late at night.  I know we wish we could be paid overtime for all of those LATE Nights!!!  It is NOT UNHEARD of to research a new Lens or Accessory for our Camera's for a whole day or two or more, trying to figure out what we want, what is the most affordable, what the reviews are, what the quality is, and the best way to get it, and if there are better options out there!!!

We both have grown so very much in our Knowledge, our Skills, and most importantly our Confidence that - YES I can get that shot and I know just how to do it.........And if I don't I will research until I find out how!!!

This last 8 months or more have been the MOST Fun and I have to thank my "Friend", I keep talking about, My Friend I spend hours working with, or talking on the phone because we live 13 hours away from each other.   My friend who I love, and adore, and would not be where I am- in my gained photography knowledge / skills without her, my Friend of 4 kids just like me.  Her name is Jessica Diedrich of

So answers to our Story?  Have we kept up with our 365 Photography Projects???  Have we taken a Photo every day and posted it for all to see on a 365 Photography, Blog, Album, or Group???  No actually we have not always taken a picture EVERY SINGLE DAY, some days we took 100's of pics and a few days we took none, but we have GAINED so much more than that,  so much Knowledge, yet so much More to learn, so much Fun and Pride, yet so much Yet to be Found and Accomplished Still, so much Joy and Love for not just the Photography Art, but the "Art of our Friendship"

Probably the #1 thing we learned along the way is "Photography" most people think that means you go out and take a Great Picture right??
Not anymore really!!!!   With Digital SLR Photography, GOOD Digital SLR Photography it is about so much more than knowing how to take a "Good Picture" it is about becoming proficient in so many more things than what to do when you snap that Camera.  You have to learn so many aspects of the "Art of Photography" Learning Manual Settings, Learning Lighting, Learning Composition, Learning EDITING which is now the biggest part of the Art I think.   And those are just to name a few of the things we have touched on learning.

For People who Really LOVE Photography OFTEN at least 1 or more of the above skills come pretty Naturally like Composition, or Lighting et.... et..... But Natural Talent will not a Photography Award win you!!!  You have to take that Natural Talent and Work Really HARD in order to accomplish a wonderful balance of all the things that make up - "The Art of Photography!!"

We have Grown so much, We have Shed Tears when we were having difficulty with mastering something or even when Life was getting the best of us, we have experienced Happiness for the other when opportunities came up to go out and "Shoot Someone", I just have to say thank you to Jess for coming on this Journey with me!!!   It has been a BLAST of a Journey from Day one back in August of 2011 when we joined a 365 Photography Group...........And that my Folks is the "Beginning of our Journey into Photography"!!!

So NO I don't have a 365 Journey to share, well not a 365 Journey that has a Picture a day Taken, Edited, and Uploaded!  But I do have some of my Favorite Pictures from the last several months they all represent something I have learned or I have gained skills on, or just something my Eye saw and absolutely Loves!!!

I hope you Enjoy them as much as I enjoy taking them, There are many more of my Favorites, but I can't use them all up in just 1 post right??!?? :)

This one above 3 of the pictures are not Mine they belong to my kids photographer Whitney but I made the collage up for a Timeline Boarder on FB.